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Optimize Your Webflow CMS Images with SiteOptim.Pro

A Webflow App helps compress your CMS images in one click. Eradicate the use of external tools and maintain superior image quality.

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Advanced CMS Field Support

Advanced Support For CMS Fields, Rich Text, And Multi-Image Galleries, Allowing Seamless Optimization Of Diverse Image Types.

Quality Optimization Without Compromise

Compress Images Without Sacrificing Quality, Ensuring A Seamless And Visually Appealing User Experience.

Boost SEO Rankings

Improve Search Engine Visibility With Faster-Loading Pages, Leading To Higher Rankings And Increased Traffic.

Convert to WebP Format

Effortlessly Convert Images To WebP Format With Just One Click To Boost Website Loading Speeds Instantly.

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How it works

Install Siteoptim.pro app
Open App & Connect Account
Select the CMS collections and image fields
Start Optimization and automate!

Can you tell the difference?

Move the slider to compare the compressed and converted image with the original.

Pick a plan that is best for your needs

All Plans Include

Unlimited Sites
Upto 90% compression
Webflow CMS images
Customer Support
For anyone just getting started
Optimise up to 150 images
Post usage 6.6cn/image

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Blog and Ecom Websites
Optimise up to 400 images
Post usage 5cn/image

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Enterprise Websites
Optimise up to 1500 images
Post Usage 2.6cn/image

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Frequently Asked Questions

What technology does SiteOptim use to compress images?

SiteOptim utilizes the TinyPNG API to compress images effectively while maintaining quality, ensuring optimized Webflow CMS images for improved website performance.

Can users connect multiple Webflow sites to SiteOptim?

Yes, users can seamlessly connect and manage multiple Webflow sites within SiteOptim for efficient image optimization.

Is there a limit to the number of images that can be optimized at once?

SiteOptim allows users to optimize a large number of images simultaneously, ensuring a streamlined optimization process.

Does SiteOptim offer customization options for image optimization settings?

Yes, users can customize settings such as compression levels [comming soon] and image formats to achieve the desired balance of quality and performance.

How can users track the progress of image optimization tasks?

SiteOptim provides real-time logs and notifications to keep users informed about the status and results of their image optimization tasks.

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